These are some of my favorite finds from the F21 F&F sale! 
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Kate Spade and Jack Spade for GapKids

Kate and Jack Spade have collaborated with GapKids for a magical holiday collection! This is pretty much a dream come true for this die-hard Kate Spade fan! 

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Shop this collection before it's too late as these items will sell out quickly! 


Old Navy's 20TH Birthday Sale!

Happy Birthday Old Navy! 
To celebrate, Old Navy is offering 30% OFF regular-priced items and 20% OFF of sale with the code BONUS. 
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Blog readers, clients, and patients are often asking me about my skincare routine and what skincare products I use. Innovative Skincare is one of my absolute favorite skincare lines and they are offering you an opportunity to win an indulgent skincare package that includes three of my favorite items! This stuff is amazing and will leave you GLOWING!

Here is a little info from Innovative Skincare about each product:

Combines powerful botanical enzymes and micro-beads, which provide ideal physical and biochemical exfoliation. Dramatically helps to smooth, brighten, and soften your skin while promoting long-term benefits. 

This dramatically effective results-oriented formula combines botanical extracts, peptides, and growth factors to instantly help smooth and tighten, while promoting long-term improvements to the skin's appearance. INSTANT SMOOTHING GEL utilizes "intelligent proteins" to fight the signs of aging at a cellular level. These proteins are clinically proven to target damaged sites, strengthen dermal structure and assist in the formation of collagen and elastin. Antioxidant-rich INSTANT SMOOTHING GEL also helps reduce puffiness and dark under-eye circles. 

This powerful formula combines pharmaceutical-grade botanical ingredients that act synergistically to dynamically combat the signs of aging. AGE TREATMENT COMPLEX rapidly and safely smoothes, helps to control acne and evens skin tone. Provides both immediate & long-term improvements, keeping your skin healthy and younger looking. Great for all skin types and all ages. 

The retail value of this giveaway is over $274!  Here is how to enter:

*I have not been compensated in any way for my opinions or this giveaway, I just love and believe in these products.



Vlog: NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder

I haven't made a vlog in over two years. How crazy is that?! I randomly made this quick vid featuring one of my ALL TIME favorite makeup products this morning when I was on my way out the door to work. 

Find the loose powder featured HERE and the pressed powder version HERE.



Five on Friday!


Happy Friday to the creators of the 5 on Friday linkup: DarciAprilChristina, and Natasha!

Striped Top  |  Jeans  |  Boots  
Casual Friday! I rarely work on Friday, but when I do, casual Friday always throws me for a loop. Casual and work do not go together. Today I genuinely enjoyed dressing in jeans (rare) for the Land of Vanity, so much so that I had to strike a sassy/obnoxious pose! (Let's be real. I work super part-time and it's super awesome. My gay friends call it a "hobby".)

My addiction to achieving flawless skin brought this fabulous at-home facial steamer into my life. This very inexpensive device delivers major hydration. I am obsessed with using it prior to masking. Hello spotless pores! It's like bringing a little piece of fabulous of my work home with me! 

I randomly stumbled across this Zig Ziglar quote on Thursday, a day that I was feeling especially blah and unmotivated. It made me laugh and remember what an awesome motivator The Ziglar was.

Have you tried Nest Candles? They burn cleaner than any other brand I have tried. I just started burning the Moss & Mint 3-wick and it is AMAZING. Don't worry, there is no mossiness to this scent. It is fresh and uplifting.

The SUPERBOWL is this weekend! Being that I live in Washington State, I am SO PROUD of the Seattle Seahawks! With that being said, my dad lives for the Broncos. I can honestly say that I am rooting for both teams. Yes, that's possible. 

Have a fabulous weekend! 

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