Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Wax: Directions and Tips

Recently I shared with you the kitchen table set that I painted, up-cycled if you will, by painting it with Annie Sloan Chalk paint and Annie Sloan Clear Wax. This is not an advertisement for ASCP, I have not been paid or compensated in any way, I simply wanted to share my experience and tips with you.

I purchased my paint and wax from Paint in My Hair Boutique, here in Spokane, but you can order from her website too I believe.
This paint and wax are absolutely phenomenal. What makes these products so great?

     * You don’t have to prime your furniture, that’s right, NO PRIMING; which means that you won’t have to purchase expensive bonding primer or waste your time priming. 
     * No brush strokes. As your paint dries, it dries to a smooth matte finish.

     * You can easily (and quickly) transform a once unsightly piece of furniture into a beautiful treasure.

     * The finish that Annie Sloan products provide truly looks like a professional finish, think Pottery Barn painted furniture.

     * One pint of paint LASTS FOREVER! It is pretty astounding how much furniture you can paint with just one pint.

This was the first time that I had used Annie Sloan paint. There were some learning curves along the way since it is so different than painting with latex paint.

So you may be saying “Okay, so how do I actually use this stuff?” Here are some basic tips and directions from my experience.

  •  Add about a ½ - ¾ cup of water to the chalk paint, this will make it much easier to apply and it will make the paint last longer. 
  • Apply your first coat, it should be a thin coat and it will not give full coverage especially if you are using a lighter shade of paint on a darker piece of wood.
  •  Paint quickly because chalk paint dries quickly, quick even strokes.

  •   Do not worry about paint brush streaks; this was extremely hard for me. I wanted to make sure that each stroke was perfect, learn from my mistake and just paint, ignoring the brush strokes because after your two coats have dried you will have a very smooth and professional looking finish. Somehow the paint dries incredibly smooth.
  •  After the first coat has completely dried, apply a heavier second coat to give a full coverage finish.
  •  Wait at least 24 hours before applying the clear wax. The wax provides a durable finish. (If you want to distress the piece with sandpaper, this is the time to do it, after the second coat is dry and prior to waxing.)

  • Apply a very thin coat of wax with a very soft paint brush or an old soft rag. Remove any excess wax as with a clean rag. Waxing was the most time consuming part of my project, but well worth it. 
  • Wait AT LEAST 48 hours before putting your piece to work. The wax needs to cure and harden completely so that it won’t scratch.

I have several more Annie Sloan projects in the works and I cannot wait to share them with you! Have you used Annie Sloan paint and blogged about it? If so please leave a link to your post in the comments section I would love to hear about your experience and see pictures of your projects!



  1. This is so gorgeous. So did you have to sand your pieces first? I want to refinish my dining room set, but the sanding part of it is very off putting for me...

  2. I would love this on my nightstands upstairs...but I am afraid to venture out. Your table looks lovely!

  3. I just painted two night stands with this paint and I love how it turned out. I love how yours turned out as well! I have so many more things planned to paint! love it!

  4. I just started using ASCP last night for two armoire pieces from the 80's. I have been told I can use poly acrylic for more of a sheen instead of the wax finish. Using white so we will see what happens. So good so far.


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