Dirty Bit is now my addiction and follow up to my #BB cream post!

Running has been my go-to work out for years, the only cardio that I thought to be effective, but now I know better.

 A few weeks ago I started getting up even earlier than normal (think 5am or 5:30) to go workout with my friend. She is getting married in September and wanted someone to workout with her to stay motivated. Sure, I HATE mornings, but I adore my friend and I knew that I needed to step up my workout routine too.

She suggested that I mix up my training schedule and give the elliptical a try. Pffft... I thought "puhlease, I'm a runner and that machine looks like a joke".  This is when I met and fell in love with the elliptical, otherwise known as "Dirty Bit". Every morning my workout ends with me entirely drenched in sweat and I can feel my body getting stronger and my booty getting firmer (THANK GOD). 

 As hard as it is to get up so early, I never regret it. I have had so much more energy and I feel better since I have been getting up earlier to work out.

Yesterday I posted about my new favorite BB cream. Several twitter friends and blog followers asked me what the heck BB cream is. So sorry that I forgot to include that info in my post! Here is a definition from Birchbox:

BB creams are all-in-one products that combine the functions of a primer, anti-aging serum, moisturizer, and light foundation—plus, many contain added benefits like SPF.

 Have a fabulous day friends! 



  1. The elliptical is definitely underestimated! I try to use it to crosstrain at least 2x/week to keep some of the strain of running off my knees.

    I am definitely intrigued by the BB cream you blogged about yesterday! My skin is really oily though- I wonder if an all in one like that would be too much?

  2. I used the Jouer BB cream this morning (got a sample in my Birchbox), and my face does feel a little softer. Am I supposed to notice anything right off? Lol. I feel like a dummy asking, but I know nothing about it!

  3. Elliptical is my best frenemy, she lets me read and doesn't hurt my knees. :)

  4. I don't really workout (...pitiful I know), but I love the elliptical. When I do venture into the gym it's my go to!

  5. I've been pretty good at getting to the gym after work, but I dream of making the switch to a morning work-out-er. It seems so wonderful to be done by breakfast! I am also an elliptical fan, and the ones I use at my gym are a mix of the traditional elliptical and a stair-stepper, which I love. ;)

  6. I hate living in the middle of bum-freaking-nowhere. Closest gym is like 30 minutes away. F bombs I need an ellyptical. I miss using the gym at school 24/7 before I graduated last year. The 5 year plan did have some benefits... SIGH


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