OOTD and The Best BB Cream EVER!

Please ignore my smirky grin and that it looks like I was either A. trying to do a Michael Jackson crotch grab  or B. fondling myself. I promise that neither of these choices occurred.
 What I wore:

Being that I work in the skincare industry and also that I am a makeup artist, I have tried just about every BB cream out there. Most of the BB creams available here in America have been well, Americanized and have little similarities to the traditional BB creams that are used in East and Southeast Asia. Traditional BB creams not only have anti-inflammatory properties, but also moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sun block; making these BB's the ultimate multitasker. 

Jane Iredale blew me away with this new 

This is not a sponsored endorsement. I just had to share this fabulous product with you all because it is THAT GOOD. My skin instantly looks better after applying this and I no longer need foundation when using this magic in a tube. Get this; it is water resistant for up to 40 minutes! Here are the deets on my beloved BB:

Glow Time covers blemishes, minimizes pores, disguises wrinkles and smoothes and brightens skin.
THE LOOK luminous THE FEEL velvet

Mineral-based formula nourishes your complexion and helps protect skin from UV and free radical damage.
·         Contains a broad spectrum SPF 25 UVA PA++ that is water resistant for up to 40 minutes.
·         Available in 6 shades: BB1 (Fair), BB3 (Light), BB5 (Light to Medium), BB7 (Medium), BB9 (Medium-Dark to Dark), BB11 (Very Dark)     
·         Grapefruit Extract promotes luminosity and skin radiance, minimizes appearance of pores and wrinkles, and may help to fade uneven pigmentation.
·         Apple Extract is a skin-smoothing antioxidant that exfoliates, refines and rejuvenates the skin.
·         Sunflower Seed Oil is rich in moisturizing vitamin E.
·         Aloe Leaf Juice soothes and calms the skin.
·         Non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, sensitivity tested, clinically tested, dermatologist tested.



  1. Blemish balm cream is awesome - but I 100% agree that most American brands are just crapping out on a good formula for it. Thank you for sharing this one from Jane Iredale!

  2. I have been wanting to try a BB cream just didn't know which one to pick... gonna try this one!!

  3. 1. you look adorable and glowy and fab.

    2. i am SO glad you posted this! when the garnier "bb" cream came out, i rushed out to get it, and i know others hate it, but i actually kind of dig it, but i have been wanting MORE. i tried a BB that came in my birchbox a couple of months ago, and it was junk and i've heard great things about smashbox and too faced, but YOU i trust, so i am going to put this on my wish list...thanks girl!! xo

  4. You so pretty, gurrrrl:) I haven't been to Old Navy in years, maybe I should check it out. That top is cute. Thanks for the info about the BB cream

  5. Love the outfit and the pose!

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  6. Oh, I NEED to try the Jane Iredale BB cream. I've been using the Boscia BB cream and I love it, but now my face is acting like a rebellious teenager. THAT, I don't love.

    P.S. Shasta - do you EVER have a bad fashion day?! ;) You always look so fun and sassy!

  7. I could not find a single BB cream about 6 months ago that wasn't orange on me. I even put a call out on my facebook asking people and tried the ones they claimed no dice. I went to a korean store and got one and its the most amazing thing ever. When it runs out it will be hard to track down again so if I can find something semi local... will check this out.

  8. i may need to try this! i had no idea what "bb cream" was lol! i had to google...sad.

  9. Okay. I'm an idiot. What is a "BB" cream?

  10. Okay. I'm an idiot. What is a "BB" cream?

  11. thank you for sharing this review on the BB cream!! you look adorable!! (not crotchy michael jackson at all!!) xox P

  12. I just had the opportunity to try the Jane Iredale BB Cream! LOVES it!!! Thanks for the heads up :)


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