November... the first half anyway..

How on earth is it November 18th already? This boggles my mind. So much LIVING occurred during the first half of this month. We celebrated Jerry's birthday, Savanna's birthday, had two big parties at our home, enjoyed Faith's fourth grade choir concert, and watched Houston receive an award for his academic excellence. 

I worked a lot, cleaned way too much, refinished two HUGE pieces of furniture, had a few panic attacks, (hmmm... perhaps the panic attacks are linked to the fact that I bit off way more than I can chew) I had several ugly cries late at night on Jerry's shoulder, and now I am nursing a horrid sinus infection.

My inhaler has tortured me for days. I think that I might be starting to turn the corner thanks to antibiotics.

My mom had her left hip replaced (yes, my mom is young, she's only 57) on Monday, November 12th. Thank the Lord she is recovering really well and for that I am thankful. My mom is tough and determined. I know that she will be back to her spry self in no time at all!



  1. Shasta: YOU ARE WONDER WOMAN. Seriously though! Wishing you a wonderful holiday week with family and friends! XO

  2. get well Shastas mom! Come see me soon Shasta! Me misses you so much!!

  3. Sickness always seems to follow stressful, busy times!! Hoping you can find the time to treat yourself to a spa day or a massage before the holidays!!

    Wishing your mama a speedy, healthy recovery!! My mom had her knee replaced last year... Lots of books and dvds are always great for the recovery period!! :)

    xo Britt

  4. Wishing your mom a speedy recovery Shasta!

  5. Hope your mom recovers quickly! My aunt had her hip replaced last week and my mom is going in for a double knees replacement next month! Joint surgery is a long recovery but she'll feel sooo much better after she's back on her feet! Hope you feel better soon too Mama!! :)

  6. I think you need to add one more thing to your list, haha!! Hope your Mom is on the mend!!!!! :)

  7. Please know you are wonderful, even when you take a break every once in a while! Do not work too hard lady. So happy to hear the family is doing so well.



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